Word Wall Words

  • In Kindergarten,  we will be learning sight words to help us with our reading.  Each week I will be sending home 3 or 4 words for the children to learn.  These words will be found on colored paper marked "Word of the Week."  It is important for the children to study these words daily to master quick recognition.  These words are found in all our little readers.

    I                     he                 this                with                them

    A                    she                had                your               then

    a                    if                   they                saw               there

    is                   my                 will                  were             who

    it                   can                 play                very              have

    in                   for                  him                us                 how

    an                  Mom               not                 make            made

    am                 Dad                here                our               jump

    to                   are                 his                  off                many

    at                   up                  he                   big

    me                 love                or                   little

    the                 was                of                   into

    and                went               out                 from

    on                  all                  now                baby

    we                  day               said                 may

    be                  did                 run                 up

    by                  ball                put                 down

    so                  has                say                 eat

    no                  her                ran                 when

    go                  got                came              what

    yes                come                                   some

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