Helpful Hints

  • Helpful Hints...

    Homework Folders

    The children will be transporting a folder to and from school every day. Please check this folder and empty it out every night including Friday. I will send home the homework folders on the first day of school.

    Change of Transportation

    If your child is NOT taking the bus, you must send in a pick-up note. Please put the note in your child’s folder. When possible, please use the school transportation notes.


    Homework will be given Monday through Thursday. Please have your child write his/her name and assigned number on the homework page and put it back in the homework folder to bring to school the following day.

    Snack Time We will have a snack break every day in the morning. Please send your child in with some healthy snacks and a drink. On hot days, feel free to send in an extra water bottle. Please make sure your child’s snack is labeled. If you forget to send your child with snack, you can drop a snack off at the front desk.

    Lunch and Recess

    Our class will have lunch and recess from 12:45-1:35. The children can bring lunch from home or they can buy from the cafeteria. It is helpful if you put your child’s lunch and snack in separate bags or lunch boxes to avoid confusion. Please label one snack and the other lunch.

    Lunch Menu

    If your child would like to buy lunch, you can purchase a meal ticket. Please stop by the cafeteria or send in a note if you need any information on purchasing a meal ticket. 

    Supplies: If possible, please send in one pair of headphones for the computer/iPads.  Please send them in a labeled Ziploc bag.