The Dragon in the Sock Drawer

by Kate Klimo Year Published: Average
While looking for rocks with his cousin Daisy, Jesse finds a "thunder egg" that talks to him. Like the genie in the bottle, something says, "Let me out!" Thus begins the children's adventure. Jesse's parents are away on a mission trip, setting up a clinic in Tanzania. His aunt is off to Paris for an ad shoot, so Uncle Joe, Daisy, and Jesse have to deal with the rock/egg. After a dragon hatches, it needs to be fed-and finding out what to feed a dragon can be tough. What else? Google. Unfortunately, googling dragons, and even dragon food, results in millions of hits, so the cousins head to the library and find a listing for The Dragon Keeper's Guide. It's long out of print, but when they google the author's name, they are able to make contact with and learn that dragons need calcium. The computer becomes interactive, and the cousins find the author talking to them, advising them of their new responsibilities and warning them to look out for Saint George! SERIES BOOK

Note: This book is available in our Library.