Howliday Inn

by James Howe Year Published: Average
level P Pete and Toby Monroe, along with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe, are going on vacation, and, thanks for Harold's tendency to get carsick, they have decide to leave both him, and Chester at Chateau Bow-Wow, a supposed four-star hotel for dogs and cats. It seems like a boring place to Harold and Chester, until the first night, when they are trying to get some sleep, and they hear a horrendous howling, causing Chester to rename Chateau Bow-Wow, Howliday Inn. Chester becomes convinced almost instantly that there are werewolves among them at the hotel, and begins investigating. But pretty soon Harold and Chester have even more to investigate, because animals begin disappearing, and there are rumors of murder spreading around. Now it's up to Chester and Harold to solve the case, before their check-out time from Howliday Inn comes sooner than expected.

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