• Math Math

    This part of the website will provide an overview of the skills we will be working on during our math lessons. 



    Mrs. Conroy will be guiding our fifth graders through Math Workshop this year.


    Fifth graders are diving right into the math curriculum with a review of place value from millions through thousandths. We'll also introduce exponents and how they relate to place value and writing numbers in expanded form.  We will then explore adding and subtracting with decimals while using strategies like compensation and compatible numbers to estimate and compute mentally.

    We will review multi-digit multiplication and long division with multi-digit divisors. Once these concepts have been strengthened, we will begin to apply them when multiplying and dividing decimals. Fractions will also be part of our explorations this year as we learn how to add/subtract fractions with unlike denominators and then discover how to multiply and divide fractions as well.  Fifth graders will then have the opportunity to leanr more about measurement conversions, data collection/graphing and geometry.  A favortie topic every year is when we get to play with coordinate grids, math battleship, here we come!  

    Most importantly we will be connecting all these concepts to our world and every day lives through inquiry and fun center games.



    It is also important to remember to talk with your children about numbers and number sense.  Our math curriculum will challenge students to think and reason about numbers in school, but it is also important we show them how we use these skills daily in so many different parts of our lives.