• This part of the website provided an overview of the skills we will be working on in our reading and writing workshops.

    Reading Workshop: 

    The current focus of our reading workshop is FANTASY. Throughout this unit we will focus on writing well about reading, tracking problem/solution themes in fantasy, thinking analytically about the setting, as well as linking ideas to build larger theories and interpretations about themes found in fantasy stories.

    Writing Workshop:

    Our writing workshop continues to focus on creating a safe and comfortable environment where all writers can share their ideas and writing.   All writers will have the opportunity to read their classmates' work and offer advice and new perspectives as we grow our writing community.

    We are currently reinforcing our "writing about reading" practices as we expand our Literary Essay writing skills. There will be a focus on understanding the structure of an essay: introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. Students will be encouraged to work on explaining the importance of text evidence and developing ideas to convey their own thoughts and connections to the reader. 



    In addition to our reading and writing workshops, we will continue to develop our grammar usage skills.  This includes parts of speech, punctuation, and sentence structure.