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    Welcome to Support Services

    Support services include Speech and Language, Special Education, Reading, ELL, the social worker, and the psychologist. They work with students, teachers, and parents in a variety of ways throughout the year. To contact any member of the team, call the main office at 516-692-7900/516-692-7901.

    Ms. Nicole Unger,  Reading Teacher
    Ms. Lisa Wolf,  AIS Coordinator
    Ms. Julie Cooper, AIS Math
    Ms. Robin Lewis-Lombardi, AIS

    Speech and Language
    Ms. Maria Fritz-Rodriguez  Mrs. Fritz-Rodriguez's Website

    Ms. Natasha Moore

    Special Education
    Ms. Michelle Byrne  Ms. Byrne's Website
    Ms. Karen Schoenberg   Mrs. Schoenberg's Website
    Ms. Bridget Burns,  Teacher Assistant

    Mrs. D. Latham  Mrs. Latham's Website

    Occupational Therapy
    Ms. Pam Lawson

    Physical Therapy
    Ms. Sue Taddonio