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    Curriculum Guide - Grade 3  

    Welcome to Third Grade

    The third grade is an exciting year in which students are able to further develop their basic skills as they explore the world around them. As they become more independent and organized with their study skills, as well as their academic performance, the students will be expected to gain more responsibility as learners. In addition, through the social curriculum, third graders will work to develop positive relationships with others while at the same time reinforcing the values which will help to make them quality members of the community. Enthusiasm, high interest, and integration make third grade at West Side a most memorable and valuable experience for each and every student.

    Grade Specific Information

    Homework Policy

    Homework is designed to strengthen and reinforce skills learned within the classroom. Students should approach work independently seeking minimal parental assistance.

    Students will be expected to complete homework neatly, accurately, and on time. It is important that each child have a place to study that is free from distractions, properly lighted and equipped.

    Communication with Your Child’s Teacher

    Parents are welcome to contact their child’s teacher at any time during the school year to discuss a concern or problem.  Our email is ideal for all non-urgent communications.  All contact information can be found on the teacher websites.


    It is usually impossible for teachers to use the telephone to receive a call during the school day. Parents who have a concern of an immediate nature should leave their telephone number with the office secretary and the teacher will return the call as soon as possible.


    Please be sure your child knows of any change in transportation before the school day begins. If an emergency change needs to be made during the school day, please contact the office as soon as possible to ensure the message is delivered promptly.

    The Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Two parent-teacher conferences are scheduled during the school year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The conference dates are listed on the school district calendar that all residents receive in the mail at the start of each school year. These conferences provide parents with an opportunity to review their child’s progress in all areas of instruction as well as his/her growth in many other areas of school life. Parents are notified in advance of their appointment time. Please do not bring any children with you when you attend the conference with your child’s teacher.

    Teacher Websites

    Please visit our teacher websites frequently so that you can familiarize yourself with 3rd grade information and announcements.