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    Curriculum Guide - Grade 6    

    Welcome to Sixth Grade

    Sixth grade is a year of transition between childhood and adolescence. To that end, the sixth grade teachers work as a team to address the academic needs of students at this important developmental stage. Learners at this level are studying math, social studies, science, and language arts as well as other core subjects at a more in-depth level. Our expectations are that students will become more independent, intentional learners in preparation for the years ahead.

    Grade Specific Information

    Communication with Your Child’s Teacher

    The partnership between school and home is crucial to your child’s success. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to contact us with your questions and concerns. We use the assignment book as a means of daily contact between school and home, denoting missing assignments, test scores, projects, and other important information. We hope that you will check this assignment book frequently to monitor your child’s progress.  We ask that you sign the assignment book each weekend.

    Special Events

    Sixth graders will be involved in a variety of curricular activities throughout the school year.

    Various cultural arts programs and field trips are coordinated with our curricular units of study. You will be informed throughout the year as these activities arise. Chaperones for trips will be invited on an as-needed basis.

    Moving-Up Day is scheduled for the last week in June and marks the sixth graders’ commencement from West Side School.

    Junior High Preparation

    Our emphasis at the sixth grade level is to support the emotional, developmental, and academic needs of our learners. To that end, all activities and curricular decisions are made with students’ needs in mind. However, we recognize that the students will soon transition to the junior high school, and we tailor our expectations to meet this goal. Students will be introduced to future teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors over the year so that they become familiar with their next educational setting.