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    Curriculum Guide - Grade 5                      

    Welcome to Fifth Grade

    The fifth grade program encourages students to assume increased responsibility and independence for their learning. It is our goal as fifth grade teachers to provide instruction that is appropriate to all abilities and interests. We want to encourage students to think critically and independently. We want them to be considerate to all members of the school community and to take pride in their work and achievement.

    Grade Specific Information


    If you need to reach us, leave a telephone message and we will reach you at our earliest convenience.

    The teacher - parent communicator folder contains graded assignments, quizzes and tests. It is sent home on a regular basis. It is used to help parents monitor their children’s progress.

    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    There are two parent teacher conferences scheduled during the year. If you have a concern and need to meet with us at any other time, we will be happy to schedule one at a mutually agreeable time.

    Homework Guidelines

    Homework is regularly assigned Mondays through Thursdays. Occasionally, a weekend assignment is given. Certain specific projects or long-term assignments may require some time over the weekend.

    Some work follows a routine and predictable pattern. If schedules necessitate, students can work ahead on these assignments. Other homework is given to reinforce material covered in class that day, so it can not be assigned and should not be completed ahead of time.

    If homework is not completed, or a difficulty arises, the student should write a note that explains the situation. Parents are asked to sign this note.