Ms. Katrina Albanese
    Ms. Laura Cirino
    Ms. Andria McLaughlin

    The main focus of the Art Studio is to establish an environment in which our young artists can realize their full creative potential through a valuable and meaningful art experience.  As a result the students feel success and are proud of the artwork they produce, which is not only measured in their creativity but also in their understanding of fine art.


    Our comprehensive Art Program includes sequential learning experiences, interdisciplinary lessons to reinforce and integrate classroom learning, and literacy, which is incorporated creativity into the art lessons.  New York State Standards for the Arts are addressed and actualized with each art lesson.

    A strong emphasis is placed on fine art, art history, and multicultural art.  Through artists studies, class discussions, and their own creations our students become familiar with important works of art and art movements. 

    Your child explores the Elements of Art and Principles of Design through the creative self-expression of their art.   Two-dimensional and three-dimensional art is realized involving the methods of observation and imagination to conceptualize their ideas.  Art studio skills are taught and developed by incorporating critical thinking, exposure to multiple aesthetic approaches, differential instruction, and self- reflection.  Student artwork is frequently displayed throughout their school and honored in local exhibits and competitions.