• LHS Creative Leaning Lab


    Ms. M. Diehl, Teacher


    The Lloyd Harbor Creative Learning Lab, adjacent to the Library Media Center, is equipped with Dell laptops, Chromebooks, iPads,  interactive dispay panels, and a multimedia sound system. Additionally, iPods, digital still and video cameras are signed out for use by students and staff.

    Grade 2 is scheduled on a once-a-week basis, and all classes are able to sign up for lab use as needed. Faculty and staff, as well as individual and small groups of students, stop in the lab throughout the day.

    Classrooms are equipped with Chromebooks, iPads, and desktop computers.  Promethean Interactive Displays or SMARTboard systems can also be found in each classrooms.


    One of the district’s primary goals has long been the integration of technology into the curriculum for the purpose of increasing student production, efficiency, creative expression, and communication and presentation skills.  By providing access to technology in all areas of the students' day—in the classroom and Creative Learning Lab, in science, art and other special areas---we hope to give them a sound foundation of skills to build on. They come to understand that  multimedia, word processing, spreadsheets, graphic organizers, presentation software, and Internet research are tools for learning and communicating. 

    At each grade level, project-based units of study provide students with the opportunity to acquire new technology skills and reinforce those already learned to meet district-wide standards. 

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding Lloyd Harbor’s technology program, please feel free to contact Ms. Diehl at (631) 367-8800.