FLES Program Overview

    Cold Spring Harbor Schools FLES
    The Cold Spring Harbor Central School District FLES program complements and reinforces the core curriculum. It is designed to introduce each student to basic vocabulary and phrases necessary for functional proficiency in the Spanish language.  The FLES program is for all students grades 2-6.  In grades 2,3, & 4, classes are held twice a week for thirty minutes.   In grades 5 and 6, classes are held twice a week for 40 minutes a session.  Each lesson is conducted entirely in the target language and is filled with an array of multi-sensory activities to accommodate a variety of learning styles. Speaking and listening skills are emphasized in order to promote a natural learning experience in the language. Culture, which is woven throughout the curriculum, provides opportunities for children to connect with their own culture and compare their culture with others. Grammar is not ignored but is taught indirectly rather than through direct instruction. 


    The goals of the Cold Spring Harbor FLES program are to: 

    • Teach all students to communicate beyond their native language so that they can participate effectively in the world. 
    • Enhance students’ abilities to analyze, compare & contrast, synthesize, improvise, and examine cultures through a language and a perspective other than their own. 
    • Provide children with early exposure to Spanish at an optimal learning time to acquire and develop language skills. 
    • Encourage and support the study of languages throughout each child’s educational pursuit. 
    • Connect to grade-appropriate core curriculum to enhance learning with added meaning.