How can I help my child's learning?

  • How can you enable your child to become an even better language learner?


    • Have your child sing for you one of our many songs from class.
    • Go to a Spanish/Latin American restaurant.
    • Prepare a Spanish/Latin American meal as a family.
    • Watch a culturally relevant program on television (PBS, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, etc.).
    • Visit a regional or other museum exhibition.
    • Check out Linguafun or Rockalingua, a wonderful addition to our FLES program.  These website subscriptions are constantly expanding and they currently offer over 4,000 interactive activities, stories, songs, and rhymes to practice language skills. Passwords are given in class.
    • Encourage your child to share with you the completed projects that will be sent home each month in our FLES folder.
    • For more ideas on being a partner in your child’s world language education, check out