• Reading Workshop


    Our class will be studying many new ideas in reading this year.  All of the reading lessons will be filled with exciting stories and lots of valuable learning experiences.

    Research on reading has shown that the best way to learn to read is to read.  Research on literacy also shows that the greater the number of minutes spent reading, the greater the child’s achievement.  So, we need to set aside time each day for children to read at home and at school.

    I would like you to become a partner in your child’s learning experiences in reading this year.  Your involvement will help your child attain a higher level of reading success.  It is important to emphasize that reading is important enough to do every day.  This will have an enormous influence on your child.

    Here are some suggestions on reading at home with your child:

    1. Read aloud to your child.

    2. Read together with your child.

    3. Have your child read to you.

    4. Discuss the favorite part of the book and the favorite character in the story.

    5. Have your child retell the story to you by using the pictures.


    Thank you in advance!  I look forward to your participation in our reading experiences this year.  Let’s work together to help your child succeed in reading.