Social Emotional Learning and Using The Mood Meter


    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could be in touch with how we are feeling and why, and then use that information and strategies to help us better regulate our emotions?  We would be able to concentrate and learn better.  We would be able to handle situations more thoughtfully.  We would be able to understand each other's perspectives.  The possibilities are endless!

    Please allow your child to be your teacher.  Let him/her show you how to use the mood meter.  First, look at the x-axis and think about how you are feeling (in your mind), in the moment.  Next, look at the y-axis and think about your energy (your body), in the moment.  Use these two positions to plot yourself on the mood meter and share what color you are in.  Also, think about why you are there.  Then, think about where you need to be on the mood meter right now.  After that, think about what strategies you can use to help yourself get to that place.  Do you need to calm down and take deep breathes?  Do you need to be more alert and sit up tall or do jumping jacks?  These are just a few possibilities.  Finally, use these strategies to bring yourself to the place you should be. 

                                                                                      Mrs. Terry