My Resources

  •        Math Workshop

         As part of our curriculum in math, students will study various units of study that involve the exploration of major mathematical ideas.  My goal is to help students develop flexibility and confidence in approaching problems, fluency in using mathematical skills, and tools to solve problems and evaluate their solutions.

         We will explore the units of study in the following ways to ensure that all students are included in significant mathematics learning.

    •  Students will spend time exploring problems in depth.

    • They will find more than one solution for many of the problems they work on.

    • They will invent their own strategies and approaches, rather than only relying on memorized procedures.

    • They will express their mathematical thinking through drawing, writing, and talking.

    • They will work in a variety of groupings as a whole class, individually, in pairs, and in small groups.

    • They will move around the classroom as they explore the mathematics in their environment and talk with their peers.