Class Charter

  • Mrs. Rivera's Class Charter


    We worked hard on our Class Charter.  It's the way we want our class to be!


    How do you want to feel?

    happy, safe, included, excited, respected, welcomed and ready to learn

    What can you do?

    • be HONEST
    • INCLUDE each other
    • be KIND
    • show EMPATHY
    • show RESPECT
    • look out for each other
    • be a good friend
    • be openhearted
    • treat others the way you want to be treated


    How will you fix problems?

    • say sorry if you were wrong
    • tell the person how you feel
    • take a deep breath and try to calm down
    • compromise if possible
    • THINK before you speak
    • tell the teacher


    Always Remember:  Kindness Matters Most!