Choosing Books

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    Here is a way to help you and your child determine if a book is easy, hard or just right:


    If your child answers yes to these questions, then the book is probably easy for him/her.  It is a book to read for enjoyment and fun.

    1)  Have I read this book lots of times before?

    2)  Do I understand the story?

    3)  Do I know (can I understand) almost every word?

    4)  Can I read the book smoothly?


    This book is probably just right if your child answers yes to these questions.  It is a book he/she might want to give a try.

    1)  Is this book new to me?

    2)  Are there just a few words per page I don't know?

    3)  Do I understand what I've read so far?

    4)  When I read, are some places smooth and some choppy?

    5)  Can someone help me with this book?  Who?


    If your child answers yes to these questions, the book is probably a hard book for him/her to read independently.  This is a book your child can try again at a later time or this is a book you might want to read aloud.

    1)  Are there more than five words on each page I don't know?

    2)  Am I confused about what is happening in the book?  Do I feel bored?

    3)  When I read, does it sound pretty choppy?

    4)  Is everyone busy and unable to help me?

    5)  Is there a way to get this book closer to a Just Right Book?