•  All About Writing

         An important part of our curriculum is Writing Workshop.  Children are encouraged to write memories, poems, letters and many different forms of writing.  We are helping children learn that what they say is important and it can be written down.  We believe helping these young writers create a life around writing will help them become better writers.

         We will be working on our ability to write about a variety of topics and in a variety of styles.  We will also be building our writing stamina, and pushing ourselves to write longer entries and for extended periods of time. 

         Here are some ideas to help your child with writing at home...

    1)  If your child wants you to buy his/her favorite cereal or cookies when you go food shopping, encourage  him/her to write it down on your shopping list.

    2)  Encourage your child to make birthday cards for family members.

    3)  Encourage your child to write books, poems, letters and have your child read his/her writing to you.

    4)  When your child brings writing home from school, read it and hang it up for all to see.

    5)  Keep a journal of trips you go on.

    Have fun!