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Cold Spring Harbor Jr./Sr. HS Mathematics Department

Mr. Brian Taylor
DIrector of STEM
Phone: (631) 367-6883

Our mission is to create a supportive, equitable environment for learning that fosters an appreciation of mathematics and prepares students by developing critical thinking and problem solving skills, establishing content knowledge, and harnessing effective communication skills. We set out to teach students to view the world through a mathematical lens and prepare students to appropriately examine the mathematics of our data-driven world.

Curriculum Guide - Grade 7
Curriculum Guide - Grade 8

Mathematics Department Staff, Course and Contact Information 2023-2024

  • Teacher Courses Email Address
    Mr. Dennis Bonn Math 7, Algebra I, Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications
    Dr. Fritz Cayemitte Precalculus Honors, Precalculus, AP Calc AB, Algebra II
    Mr. Matthew Chartan AP Calc AB+Lab, AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, Precalculus Honors
    Ms. Patricia Connolly Geometry Regents, College Business, Virtual Enterprise
    Ms. Francyne Lanteri Math 7 Pre-Algebra, Algebra I Regents, Integrated Algebra with Statistics
    Ms. Melissa McLees AP Comp Sci A, AP Comp Sci Principles, Adv. Computer Programming, Comp Sci I & II
    Mr. Jonathan Mendreski Geometry Regents Honors, Geometry Lab, Comp Sci I & II
    Ms. Clarissa Reddock Precalculus, AP Statistics, Algebra II Honors
    Ms. Nicole Tomei Math 8, Math 8 Lab, Algebra II Lab
    Ms. Christine Watt Math 7 Pre-Algebra, Algebra I Regents Accelerated, Alg II Regents Honors
    Ms. Katherine Zelenka Algebra I, Algebra I Lab, Algebra II, Geometry Lab