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  • Welcome! All of my classroom information can be found on this page. Feel free to navigate through the pages and look at the class syllabus and classroom rules.

    Please note that from time to time I may adjust the due dates, change dates for tests or quizzes and I may not have the opportunity to update the website. Please be assured that I will inform your student of the change but it may not always be current on this teacher website. Thanks for your understanding in advance!

    My teaching schedule is as follows:

    Period 3- U.S. History 11R (9:18-9:58)

    Period 4- Mysteries in History (10:02-10:42)

    Period 5- Mysteries in History (10:46-11:26)

    Period 7- U.S. History 11R (12:14-12:54)

    Period 8- U.S. History 11R (12:58-1:38)

    EXTRA HELP: I am always available just set up a time to meet


    Phone: 631-367-6957

Capitol Building

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