My Home Page

  • ¡Bienvenidos estudiantes! 

    Welcome to Ms. Sihksnel's class website! 

    I am so excited to begin a new school year at Cold Spring Harbor! I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. Together, we can make this a successful school year!

    En mi sitio, se puede...

    On my website, you will find lots of information about our class! I will post homework, tests, quizzes, and other assignments on my Canvas webpage. You may also find some helpful links and resources.

    Información importante:

    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns! 

    Here's how you can reach me:


    Phone: (631) 367-6981

    Mi horario:

    Period 1: Spanish 5 (Room J-27)

    Period 3: Spanish 1A-CO (Room J-33)

    Period 4: Spanish 1B (Room J-35)

    Period 5: Spanish 1B-CO (Room J-35)

    Period 7: Spanish 1A (Room J-35)

    Period 9: Spanish 1B (Room J-20)

    Extra Help:

    Extra help will be offered every Wednesday morning  in J-6 and Tuesday afternoon in room J-35, or by appointment! I can meet with students during the school day, if our schedules allow. With notice, I can provide extra help whenever it is necessary.

    FLACS Exam:

    Spanish 1B students will take the FLACS Checkpoint A exam in June. This exam is mandatory and may not be taken on any other day.