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Cold Spring Harbor Jr./Sr. HS Special Education Department

Ms. Kristen Raszka - Assistant Director of Special Education & PPS
Phone: 631 367-6876


Consistent with the philosophy of the high school, special education is focused on the development of skills and strategies to enable challenged students to function as independent, life-long learners; to provide humanizing support to enable students to live in harmony with themselves and to function as respectful, responsive, and honest members of the local, national and global communities.

Curriculum Guide - Grade 7
Curriculum Guide - Grade 8

Special Education Department Staff, Course and Contact Information 2021-2022

  • Teacher  Courses Email Address 
    Ms. Denise Engel Resource Room-Grade 7, Science-Grade 7, Social Studies-Grade 7, Resource Room-Grade 8
    Ms. Jennifer Uhrlass Resource Room- Grade 7, Math 7, English 7, English 9
    Mr. Gary Renart  Resource Room-Grade 8, Math-Grade 8, Earth Science
    Mr. Steve Roberto  Resource Room-Grade 9, Guided Study-Grade 8, Social Studies-Grade 8, Biology
    Ms. Kristine Tramonte Resource Room-Grade 9, Guided Study-Grade 9, Global I
    Ms. Maureen Blechschmidt  Geometry, Resource Room- High School (9-12), Global History & Geo II, Geometry I, Guided Study-Grade 10
    Ms. Kerriann Konstantinakos Resource Room-High School (9-12), U.S. History 11, English 10, English 11, Intro to College English (Grade 12)
    Ms. Lauren Kenedy Algebra I, Resource Room 8, Resource Room HS (9-12)
    Ms. Lauren Spatola English 8, US History 11, Resource Room HS (9-12)
    Ms. Amanda Kenigsberg Algebra II, Special Class 12:1, Resource Room HS (9-12)
    Ms. Nicole Benincasa Special Class 12:1, Resource Room HS (9-12)
    Ms. Christine Copley ENL
    Ms. Jennifer Okean Reading
    Ms. Kerry O'Brien Speech/Language
    Ms. Danielle Cohen Teacher Assistant
    Ms. Janet Brancaccio Learning Center Teaching Assistant
    Mr. Andrew Cennamo Teacher Assistant
    Ms. Linda Letica Learning Center Teaching Assistant
    Mrs. Janet Mullen (Job Coach) Teacher Assistant & Job Coach
    Mrs. Kathleen Murray  Learning Center Teaching Assistant KMurray
    Mrs. Cindy Scudieri Learning Center Teaching Assistant
    Mrs. Janet Tschirhart Learning Center Teaching Assistant
    Mrs. Robin Weinberg Learning Center Teaching Assistant
    Mrs. Arden Benvenutti Special Education Teacher Aide 
    Mr. Nick Fengler Special Education Teacher Aide
    Mr. Matthew Novella Special Education Teacher Aide
    Ms. Anna Maria Turigiano Special Education Teacher Aide