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     Registration other than Kindergarten        

    • Welcome to Cold Spring Harbor
    • To begin the registration process, please complete the short pre-registration form in the link below.  Once the form is submitted, the district registrar will send you an email with further instructions, document requirements, and a link to the registration application. 
    • If you have any questions, please contact the District Registrar, at registrar@csh.k12.ny.us or (631) 367-5910.
    • LINK to the pre-registration form
  • Cold Spring Harbor CSD

    75 Goose Hill Road, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

    Telephone: 631-367-5910

    Proof of Residency – Required Registration Checklist


    Link to EXISTING CSH family student registration - Log in and click the "Register New Student" Button

    Link to NEW family/ student registration form

    Instructions and forms to be completed are listed below.

    After completion of the online Student Registration form (See Above) the application will be reviewed by the Registrar.  After the Registrar reviews the application, you will receive an email from our documents collection service "Operoo".  After creating your Operoo account you will upload the forms listed below.  Operoo provides instructions on submitting documents within the account.

    Part I


     ______ Current Mortgage Statement  - or -  ______ Property Tax Bill   


     ______ Lease Agreement   - and -    ______ Notarized Rental Affidavit  


     Part II – Additional Documentation – Two current utility bills from two different utilities (electric, cable, or land-based telephone)

    ______  Utility bill (specify ____________)

    ______  Utility bill (specify ____________)


     Part III –Parent/Guardian  Photo Identification (Select one)

    ______ Current Passport

    ______ Current Driver’s License


     Part IV Child’s Proof of Age - For each registered child (Select One)

    ______ Original Birth Certificate

    ______ Valid Passport


     Part V-  Academic Record (for students entering grades 1-12)

     ______ Current School Transcript and Report Card


     If Applicable:

     ______ Custodial Agreement


     Registration Application – Print and Complete All Forms for Each Child

    ______ Request for Records Form (7-12 only) - (MS Word Version)   (PDF Version)

    ______ Request for Records Form (1-6 only) -  (MS Word Version)   (PDF Version)

    ______ Health History Form – Pupil’s Health History Form - (MS Word Version)  (PDF Version)

    ______ NYS Health Certificate (Immunization) – completed & signed by physician - (MS Word Version)  (PDF Version)

    ______ Physical Form (Completed and signed by physician) – NYS Health Examination - (PDF Version)       

    ______ Immunization Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement Letter (only if immunization certificate is delayed)

    ______ Dental Health Certificate (completed and signed by physician) - (MS Word Version)  (PDF Version)

    ______ Student Racial & Ethnic Identification - (MS Word Version)  (PDF Version) 

    ______ 2019-2020 Immunization Requirements - (PDF Version)   


    To Be Completed at Registration

    ______ Statement of Residency Form

    ______ Home Language Questionnaire


    Registrar -  (t) 631-367-5910  (f) 631-692-5653 (e) registrar@csh.k12.ny.us

     If you are in contract to purchase a home but do not currently have the above documentation, please review the Future Resident Policy (5150-R) which can be download from our website at the following LINK