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    Proof of Residency – Required Registration Checklist


    Link to EXISTING CSH family student registration - Log in and click the "Register New Student" Button

    Link to NEW family/ student registration form

    Instructions and forms to be completed are listed below.

    Part I


     ______ Current Mortgage Statement  - or -  ______ Property Tax Bill   


     ______ Lease Agreement   - and -    ______ Notarized Rental Affidavit  


     Part II – Additional Documentation – Two current utility bills from two different utilities (electric, cable, or land-based telephone)

    ______  Utility bill (specify ____________)

    ______  Utility bill (specify ____________)


     Part III –Parent/Guardian  Photo Identification (Select one)

    ______ Current Passport

    ______ Current Driver’s License


     Part IV Child’s Proof of Age - For each registered child (Select One)

    ______ Original Birth Certificate

    ______ Valid Passport


     Part V-  Academic Record (for students entering grades 1-12)

     ______ Current School Transcript and Report Card


     If Applicable:

     ______ Custodial Agreement


     Registration Application – Print and Complete All Forms for Each Child

    ______ Request for Records Form (7-12 only) - (MS Word Version)   (PDF Version)

    ______ Request for Records Form (1-6 only) -  (MS Word Version)   (PDF Version)

    ______ Health History Form – Pupil’s Health History Form - (MS Word Version)  (PDF Version)

    ______ NYS Health Certificate (Immunization) – completed & signed by physician - (MS Word Version)  (PDF Version)

    ______ Physical Form (Completed and signed by physician) – NYS Health Examination - (PDF Version)       

    ______ Immunization Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement Letter (only if immunization certificate is delayed)

    ______ Dental Health Certificate (completed and signed by physician) - (MS Word Version)  (PDF Version)

    ______ Student Racial & Ethnic Identification - (MS Word Version)  (PDF Version) 

    ______ 2019-2020 Immunization Requirments - (PDF Version)   


    To Be Completed at Registration

    ______ Statement of Residency Form

    ______ Home Language Questionnaire


    Registrar - Mrs. Gloria Albert (t) 631-367-5910  (f) 631-692-5653 (e) galbert@csh.k12.ny.us

     If you are in contract to purchase a home but do not currently have the above documentation, please review the Future Resident Policy (5150-R) which can be download from our website at the following LINK