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    Dr. Michael Andrews

    Social Studies Department

    Head Coach, Speech and Debate Team


    Email:           mandrews@csh.k12.ny.us

    Parents:  Please check the Parent Portal for regular updates of grades throughout the year.  Please email me at any time throughout the year if you are concerned about your child's progress.   As the District is transitioning to Canvas, please refer to Canvas rather than this website for the most up-to-date information.  


    Voicemail:   (631) 367-6961     


    Extra help:   By appointment                      


    Social Studies Dept. Test days for 2016-2017:  Tuesdays & Thursdays


    2017-2018 Class Schedule*:                                                             

         Period 1:  A.P. World History II/Global Regents  (room J-21)             

         Period 4:  Debate (Fall) (room H-3) 

         Period 5:  Debate (Fall) / Economics (Spring)  (room H-3)

         Period 6Criminal Law (Spring) (room H-3) 

         Period 7:  Public Affairs (Fall) / Economics (Spring)  (room H-3) 

         Period 9:  A.P. World History II/Global Regents  (room H-5)   



    Dr. Michael Andrews has taught history and coached debate since 1990.  During his many years at Cold Spring Harbor High School, he has taught A.P. European History, A.P. World History, Debate, Economics, Public Affairs, Journalism, Great Minds in History (philosophy), Ancient and Medieval History, Current Events, Sociology, and America at War. 

    Before teaching at Cold Spring Harbor, Dr. Andrews taught American History, European History, and World History for several years at Chaminade High School in Mineola, New York. 

    He has taught history and political science to students at Nassau Community College, St. John's University, Molloy College, Dowling College, Briarcliffe College, Mamaroneck High School, Westbury High School, and Christ the King Regional High School.   Dr. Andrews has also taught a preparation course for the Social Studies CST (Content Specialty Test) part of the NYSTCE (NYS Teacher Certification Exam) for aspiring Social Studies teachers at the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Development at Molloy College. 

    Dr. Andrews holds a Master's degree in European History and a doctoral degree in Modern World History from St. John's University in New York City.  

    He has written articles for The New Catholic Encyclopedia and has participated in several historical institutes. 

    In 2011 the Harvard Club of Long Island  honored Dr. Andrews with its "Distinguished Teacher Award."

    Dr. Andrews is an Adjunct Professor of History and Political Science at  Molloy College where he currently teaches history courses on Western Civilization, American Foreign Policy, Medieval Europe, Latin America, and Africa as well as a political science course on American National Government.  He also currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of History at Nassau Community College, where he teaches courses in Western Civilization,  American History, and International Relations.  

    A married father of two children and an avid hiker, he has traveled to sixteen countries and over thirty American states. 


    *For all classes, active class participation is expected in order for students to earn a good grade. 

    Thorough and consistent preparation for class (2 pens, 2 pencils, a notebook, a folder, looseleaf paper, possession of the necessary handouts, knowledge of and active note-taking of assigned readings, and the completion of assigned homework/essays/projects),

    timely and regular attendance in class,

    the active asking and answering of appropriate questions,

    active participation in formal and informal group work and/or projects, and

    courteous, attentive respect and courtesy toward the class, its participants, and the diverse learning needs of its participants are essential aspects of active class participation. 

    "Texting" in class is not allowed and will have a significantly deleterious impact upon a student's class participation grade.  Cell phones that are not kept inside student bookbags during class are subject to confiscation for the day and/or to retrieval by the student's parent/guardian.  

    The filming, video recording, and/or audio recording of Dr. Andrews' class by means of any and all cell phones, tape recorders, electronic devices, Google Glass, and/or any other devices and/or technologies which could be used for filming, recording, posting, and/or transmission of any kind is expressly prohibited by Dr. Andrews. 

    "Cutting" class and/or being late to class will subtract substantially from one's class participation grade in addition to the school's usual disciplinary penalties.   "Cutting" class during a test/quiz/in-class assignment will result in a "zero" for that day's test/quiz/in-class assignment in addition to the school's usual disciplinary penalties.


    * While Dr. Andrews will make every effort to keep this website current and relevant so as to be useful to students and parents alike, the most current information will always be conveyed to students in his class. This website should be construed as a supplement, not a substitute, for: in-class instructions, in-class work,  and/or in-class notification of due dates, assignment requirements, and/or updates for the following: tests, quizzes, projects, homework, short-term assignments, long-term assignments, and/or class requirements, etc.  Also, pop quizzes (while not typically given) may be given at any time.  

    Dr. Andrews is not responsible for the content of websites posted as links within this website and does not necessarily agree with the views expressed within website links.