Some Sociological Questions for Discussion

  • Some Sociological Questions for Consideration


    1) Does the media reflect culture or does culture reflect the media?   

        How does the  way that women are portrayed on television affect the way

        women are seen in society?

    2)  Has the relationship between mother and child changed with women working

          outside of the home instead of

          women staying home and taking care of the housework and children?

    3)  Has the choice of being able to have an abortion affected a woman’s view on


    4)  Why has adopting children from other countries become so popular in

          American society?    How has this affected the adoption of children in the

          foster care system in America?

    5)   Does a person’s parent’s beliefs affect what religion the person follows?

           Do these beliefs have an impact on other aspects in society?  

    6)   In American society, how does social class have a role in what type of school a

          person goes to? How does this compare to other societies?

         Does a person’s ethnicity or gender affect their chances of receiving a

         scholarship to college? Why?

    7)   Does social class have an impact on a couple getting married?

            (i.e. a upper-class man marrying a middle class woman)   

           How do other factors affect why a couple gets married?

            (i.e. pregnancy or career status )

            Are these factors different in other societies?

    8)    In what way has media’s view on the ‘perfect body image’ changed how

           women in America see themselves compared to women in other societies?

    9)  How has the way celebrities act and dress changed the way children and

            teenagers live their lives?

    10)  Has the fast food industry changed what people view as healthy food in

            American society?   Why/why not?    

            How has fast food affected the ‘family connection’ created by eating a meal

            together and discussing a family’s daily occurrences?

    11)  Does the way a child is raised affect how they interact with people of different

            social classes and ethnicities in American society?

            Is it seen in other societies?

    12)  Do the toys that children play with affect the choices they make and how

            they act in their everyday lives?

    13)  Does war affect young couples’ decisions on marriage and pregnancy?   

    14)  Why do couples in poor countries tend to get married younger and have more

           children than couples in rich countries?