A.P. World History II Course Description & Exam Format

  • A.P. World  History II

    Course Description 

    A.P. World History II                                                           Periods 1 & 9    

    "History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passion of former days."  - Winston Churchill  

    Dr. Michael Andrews, A.P. World History, A.P. European History, and Tournament Debate; Head Coach, Speech and Debate Team 

    Email:           mandrews@csh.k12.ny.us

    Voicemail:   (631) 367-6961

    Extra help:  Before school, mornings 7:25-7:45 A.M., Monday-Friday, in room H-2, 

    after school most Tuesdays in room H-2, (in Fall semester; TBD for the Spring semester) and by appointment.  

    Course Description:  This course is the second part of a two-year sequence in college-level World History and Geography in preparation for the A.P. World History and Geography examination in early May, which students must take to keep the "A.P." designation for this course on their transcript.  The course considers the geography, global processes, social interactions, international frameworks, and cross-cultural comparisons necessary for an understanding of World History during the time period of 1400 A.D. to the present.  A.P. World History II offers an in-depth examination of modern politics, economics, philosophy, technology, and society.  Interpretative and analytical skills will be emphasized.  Only students who have successfully completed A.P. World History and Geography I may take this course.  Students must also take the New York State Regents exam in World History and Geography in June. 


    Students submit a summer book report on Tom Standage's A History of the World in Six Glasses.  

    During the year, students will continue reading from their ninth grade text, Editor Peter Stearns' World Civilization: The Global Experience, 4th edition, Chapters 16-36.  Students should outline/take notes on their nightly readings as well as of the class discussions. 

    Grading Policy: Each quarter may consist of a slightly different number of tests and essays depending upon how test days fall in the calendar, etc.  Usually, two or three essays (each worth one test grade) are assigned for each quarter prior to the A.P. exam.   

    For any given quarter, add the following:                            Hypothetical numbers:

    Essays (100 pts. each) 

    if 3 essays, up to 300 points


    Multiple Choice Tests                                                       

    if 3 tests, up to 300 points

    (each 100 point test covers 1-2 chapters and usually consists of fifty 2-point questions, with a ten-point curve)  


    Points for homework(mostly reading and class participation)  up to 100 points 

                                                                                        700/7 = 100 points

    A quarter that had more/less essays or tests than another might be 600-800 points and then divided by 6 or 8 accordingly. 

    The grade for the NYS Regents in World History and Geography, administered in June, counts for 1/5 of each student's final average for the year, i.e. equal to one quarter's worth of work. 

    The final average for the year is calculated by adding the five number grades (4 quarters) number  grades plus the number grade for the Regents exam) and dividing by 5 to determine a final numerical grade.  The final letter grade will reflect this resulting number grade.


    Time Frame for A.P. exam in May

    Foundations (prehistory to 1000): 14% qestions (9th grade)

    1000-1450:                                    23% qestions (9th grade)

    1450-1750:                                    20% qestions (10th grade)

    1750-1914:                                    20% qestions (10th grade)

    1914-present:                                23% qestions (10th grade)

    Recommended review book: the most recent edition of Dr. John McCannon's Barron's A.P. World History (ISBN # 0-7641-3822-7)


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