Parental Permission for Speech & Debate Tournaments

  • Parental Permission for Speech and Debate Team


    I give my son/daughter, _____________________________, permission to ride the school bus to and from Speech and Debate tournaments during the 2015-2016 academic year. 

    I understand and agree that attendance at Speech and Debate tournament(s) is contingent upon all of the following conditions being fulfilled. 

    a) my serving as a judge at a minimum of one tournament

    b) understanding that my child may need me as a possible judge for the State Championships in April if he/she qualifies and that in order for me to become qualified as a judge for the State Championships, I will need to have judged at a minimum of two Speech tournaments or two Debate tournaments during the current academic year

    c) my son/daughter attending practice after school at least twice the week prior to a tournament

    d) my son/daughter demonstrating seriousness of purpose and thorough preparation to the coach(es)

    I further understand and agree that my son/daughter may not be allowed to remain on the team if he/she does not conduct him/herself at all times at tournaments, in class (if applicable), and at practices with seriousness, decorum, and preparedness.  He/she should also observe the proper dress code (modest, standard business dress), timeliness, and attendance for tournaments to which he/she has registered.  I agree that my son/daughter's continuance on the team remains at the discretion of the coaching staff.

    I have read and understand the Debate subpage entitled "Judges and Students: What to Expect at Tournaments" on Dr. Andrews' Cold Spring Harbor H.S. teacher website.   

    I have discussed the above with my son/daughter and agree to its terms.

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    Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian               Date

    I have discussed the above with my parent/legal guardian and agree to its terms.

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