Outline for Writing a Negative Lincoln-Douglas Debate Case

  • Name _________________________________   Period ________  Tournament Debate




    With these words in mind, I stand firmly AGAINST the resolution which states that: (state resolution)


    For the sake of clarification in this debate, I would like to define the following terms from

    _____________________ Dictionary:



    My value for this debate is ____________________ because _____________ is ___________________________________________________________________. 


    My value criterion is _____________________________ because it is the best tool with which to measure if my value is being upheld in this debate. 

    I have three contentions (arguments), each of which upholds my value: 

    My 1st contention is that:  (state the title of this contention)

    My 2nd contention is that: (state the title of this contention)


    Contention 1: (repeat title of your contention)

    EXPLANATION of your contention using logic and reasoning:



    EVIDENCE and/or EXPERT opinion supporting this contention

    (Do the same for Contention 2)

    In conclusion, having supported my value of ________________, I urge a NEGATION of the resolution that (restate resolution) ________________________________________________.