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GROK Night

For those unfamiliar with GROK night at the Jr./Sr. High, it truly is a very intimate gathering where students share their writing and artistic talents published in their very own GROK Magazine book. This incredible student literary and art magazine has received recognition for its excellence in writing and art from the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) through their REALM program, and rightfully so! The word “Grok” itself means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes part of the observed – to merge, or blend. The experience of grokking in and of itself ironically unfolds at GROK night as audience members listen to these very raw stories which can bring you to tears, make you chuckle, and certainly ponder the wonders of life. The audience merges and blends with the readers – drifting to a distant world or moment in time captured with intense emotion and energy connecting us all.
On April 11, Lauren Maggiore, Grok's editor-in-chief; Julia Wang and Henry Zhao, the assistant editors; and Ms. April Henry, the magazine and club advisor, presented Grok Volume 40 at the annual Grok Night. Staff, parents, and administration joined the intimate coffee-table setting in the senior commons and listened to the behind-the-scenes commentary of each submission. Student narrators read each entry with enthusiasm and pride for their accomplished pieces and passion for creative writing, and artists spoke about their art—its inspiration and their process. To reveal yourself through art or the written word is both brave and humbling. Thank you to these amazing students, and also thank you to all the art and English teachers for continued guidance and support throughout the years. Pick up a copy of Grok!
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