• Special Note Concerning Science Labs

       Students enrolled in science labs must report every day that they are scheduled. Periodically, however, teachers may opt to use a lab session for other purposes such as make-up, remediation, or enrichment. In such cases, students may be released from class attendance. Students should use that time in an appropriate manner. It should be noted that on a day when a double period of science is scheduled ( one class period and one lab ), and the teacher is releasing students, the teacher may opt to release students either of the two periods.

      Laboratory activities and lab reports are designed to reinforce course material, and therefore are significant components of our science curricula. Students who are enrolled in Regents level science courses are required, by New York State, to complete 1200 minutes of acceptable lab reports in order to be eligible to take their Regents exam. Furthermore, lab reports that are more than 30 days late are not acceptable. 

      Therefore, science students are strongly encouraged to complete their lab reports thoroughly and carefully and to submit them in a timely manner.