Professional Sports In America

  • I am looking forward to an enjoyable year with all of you. Our goal will be to look at the history of professional sports in America not only in the cultural aspect but through the lens of an economist as well.  Through the course we will discuss the history of the not only the four major sports in America (Baseball, basketball, football and hockey) but also sports that have made great strides in popularity in the past few decades such as lacrosse and NASCAR. Professional sports have played a major role in shaping American communities and have had many impacts on the family unit. While there will be discussion on past history of sports, much of the in class discussion will deal with many of the current developments in sports. Some of the current topics that we will cover will be the NFL lockout, the Mets and the Madoff scandal, the collective bargaining agreements among the major sports, the NCAA memorabilia scandal, and team budgets and free agency. If you come in with an open mind, show up to class prepared, and complete your assignments, our classroom will run very effectively and be a great success. 

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