Spanish V

  • Spanish V                                            Mrs. Segura  



    o       At  home: 

    -        a computer: to go on teacher’s websit           

    o       In Class:  Every day, even on test or quiz day

    -        A 1 1/2"  three ring binder to hold class handouts

     o       Pen or Pencil to write and a red /green pen for corrections

    o       Bic multi color pen.  [red/black/green/blue]                                                        

    Homework and every day preparation:  

                      There will be homework every day NOT GRADED.  Before starting you homework assignment please review the grammar and vocabulary taught in class.  It is important to review every day, to be ready for pop quizzes, regularly announced ones and tests.  COMPLETING the activities or handouts will impact your participation grade.


             We will be working on the four skills:  Reading (literature and actual newspaper and magazines articles), Speaking, Writing and Listening students will be watching DVS in Spanish and they will be tested on their listening and comprehension skills.  Students should make every effort to speak Spanish in the classroom.   There are projects that will be presented in Spanish  .   At the end of this year you will be taking a School Final /Project , before June 2 2017.  This Final/Project will have listening comprehension, grammar, and presentation.  It has a conversation part that is done some time in May.

            We will be looking also at some placement exams samples.  Please check with the college you are planning to attend if they have or not a placement exam.  I will appreciate any information about it.


    *   Pop quizzes will be written and oral, and may be given any time  during the week. Pop quizzes will include general vocabulary, verb conjugation and grammar. (they are handed back to students. low grades  will require a parent signature)

    *     Quizzes  are also handed back to students and  low grades require a parent signature.

    *     Test and/or Unit Test are announced at least 2 to 3 days in advance.       Compositions: (150-200 words) To be written on double spaced composition paper or directly on to the teacher’s website.  Late compositions will lose points.

         Conversation assessments. (Student-teacher in person and/or computer lab using Audacity)

    *     Listening comprehension quizzes or Tests.e

    *     Comprehension quizzes or test from movies/ video programs watched in class or posted at the teacher’s web site.

     TESTING DAY: miércoles / Wednesday


             Your grade will be calculated according to the following criteria:

                    .- 35 % participation (use of target language and actively involved in all class activities.) 

                   .- 15  % unit exams and projects

                   .- 20 %  all quizzes ( any day of the week)

                   .- 20% homework completed, not graded homework that will go into the  quizzes category

                 .- 10% composition and journal entries that can be either on Writen format or Speaking interviews

                       and/or anwering question.




    PREPARE:  all materials in class, including BIC multi colored  pen,  pencil, binder, homework done fully and in class on time before the bell ready to work.

    -         Absences and tardiness will count unless they are due to illness, or excused by the main office.

    *      If you are late for class you should walk in with a pass, give it to me or Sra. Scudieri and, if necessary, we will talk to you later, passes will be checked.

    *     If a quiz, test or in class composition is in progress you should sit down and start working.

    *   You are allowed to make up quizzes before the next TEST/end of the quarter project. Make up time is in the mornings before school starts or to be announced in the afternoon.  Only in special circumstances   

    *   Extra Help:

     I am here early every day ( 6:30 am)   Please plan ahead, do not wait until the day before the exam, quiz, speaking test or verb quiz to tell us that you do not understand the work !!

    NO extra-help Thursdays am or pm

    v     Please seek help whenever needed.

    v     Please let me know in advance if you need an early morning or afternoon time.  Our class schedules are posted on the door to room J40.  Please bring all materials to the extra help session.

    v      We cannot review vocabulary, it is your responsibility to study and be ready for it every day.

    v     Whenever possible there will be review class before a test.  On occasions a listening section of a test will be follow by a review for the written part of the test.  Be ready with specific questions.

       Muchas gracias,

    Señora Segura