DASA 'Dignity for All' legislation



    The RULER Approach is implemented in all classrooms with the support of the turn-key trainers.  Efforts are made to infuse the program into all areas of the school.  Faculty meeting time is used to review the anchors and provide teachers with strategies and tools for classroom use. 

    Our school social workers have made formal presentations for faculty and parent groups, our music teachers have written and taught students “The Mood Meter Song,” and our school principals have written about the RULER Approach in numerous editions of their Weekly Notes. 

    Classroom charters are posted in every classroom, including special areas, and our principals have met with students at the start of the year to compose a school-wide lunch/recess charter which is displayed in each school cafeteria. 

    Teacher aides and teaching assistants also meet with their principals on a regular basis to promote the use of SEL language.  School Spirit Day assemblies always start with a review of one of the anchors. 

    Finally, a staff charter has been revised and signed by all members of the staff.