Varsity Swimming and Diving Team

  •      Welcome to the Cold Spring Harbor Girl's Varsity Swimming and Diving page.

    Mr. Gary Renart-Head Coach

    Ms. Jennifer Scott- Asst. Coach

    Mr. George Taylor-Diving Coach

    Mr. Dan Kelly- Junior High Coach

    Diving  11/2
    3:30 WU, 5 p.m. start       Camille's mom will probably drive her.  We'll look into it.
    Swimming Pre-Lims 11/4 Friday        BUS: 4:45
    5:30 WU  6:30 start (Changed from 7 p.m.)
    Finals Swimming  11/5 Saturday       BUS: 12:15
    1 p.m. WU 2 p.m. start.

     The Girl's Varsity Swimming and Diving team will begin on August 22nd at the Cold Spring Harbor Beach Club. Student-Athletes should come prepared with suits, towels, sneakers, and fluids such as water/gatorade. Student-Athletes will now be allowed to participate during practice without medical card clearance.  Please follow the protocols listed on the Athletic's site for doctor, nurse and Athletic Director approval.


    *At the end of the 9th period bell, students will have to expeditiously gather their belongings and walk to the first bus on the line.  This bus is situated as the first bus on the bus line towards the back of the Field House.  This way, the bus may leave at 2:35 first to arrive on time at the YMCA.

    *Divers will begin practice on Tuesday November 17th.  Similarly, the bus should be situated where the swimming bus is.  Diving practice will be held at Plainview Old Bethpage School.

         Please refer to for stats on student-athletes, schedule, and county and state qualifying times. Additionally, you may refer to Nassau BOCES for additional information.

    The Varsity Swim meet schedule has been approved by BOCES and is listed on the link attached to this page.

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