C. Lloyd Neck School 1908-1924

  • In 1908 Common School District #5 built a one room school house on ½ acre of land acquired from Hasket Derby. The school was built by the residents for the children whose families lived and worked on Lloyd Neck.

    Rose Dean, a former student, remembers that there was no plumbing and only a pair of two-hole outhouses. The school was heated by a coal stove, and the water was supplied by a hand pump near the front steps. In 1920 there were 258 books in the school library.

    Eva Smith, teacher, remembers that the trip by train, trolley, and horse-drawn wagon took a whole day from her house in Bellport to Lloyd Neck, so she resided with local families. In 1918, her annual salary was $800 ($300 more than the average teacher’s salary because of the remoteness of the job). She taught there until 1921. The trustees could find no one to take her place for the lonely job, so in 1921 through 1923 the students attended the West Neck School for a fee. The Lloyd Neck School re-opened for the 1923-1924 school year with Miss McCaffrey as principal and teacher. This would be the last time the school was used. In the 1924-1925 school year, the students attended the Woodbury Avenue School in Huntington District #3. From 1925 on, the students went to West Neck School. In 1935 the Lloyd Neck school house and the property were sold to Marshall Field for $1,500, and the building was leveled.