G. Lloyd Harbor School 1935-present

  • At a special meeting in 1933 the residents voted to buy land to build a new school. According to the indenture, dated January 20, 1934, 5.154 acres of land was purchased from Russell F. and Florence P. Sammis for $9,277. The school board accepted the architectural plans of Edward S. Hewitt. The four room, brick and slate roofed, one story school house cost $75,000. Construction began in March of 1935, and the opening day was that September. Originally 25, kindergarten through eighth grade students attended. In 1962, when the high school opened, Lloyd Harbor School became kindergarten through sixth grade. The annual budget for the 1935-1936 school year was $23,675. In 1985, the school celebrated its 50th birthday by assembling a time capsule and burying it on May 15th underneath the “Little Theatre” stage. It is to be opened in 2035 at their 100th year celebration.

    Additions and Land Purchases:

    Five new classrooms, a new library, activity room, cafeteria and kitchen for $189,800.

    1953:  Eight new classrooms and a gym for $620,000.

    1953:  Indenture, dated August 17th, Charles S. Towers donates 2.0 acres to the school to be used as a playground. In 2010, this area is called the “Donald A. White Playground.”

    1953:  Indenture, dated August 17th, George and Helen J. Wauchope donate .500 acres to the school. In 2010, the land is used for parking.

    1953:  Indenture, dated August 17th, Sheridan M. Murphy donates 3.787 acres to the school. In 2010, the land is used for sports fields.   The total land acreage for this school is 11.441 acres.

    1963-1965: This addition process began in December of 1963 and would cost $577,000. The new 17,800 square foot area included two kindergarten classrooms, five new classrooms, enlargement of two existing classes, a science room, an art room, a new library, expanded kitchen and cafeteria, and a locker room area. The student capacity is now 550.

    1998-1999:  Two new classrooms and a reading room.

    2002-2005:  Four-classroom/media center wing for $6,704,176.

    Three auxiliary buildings were used by Lloyd Harbor School to ease their overcrowding:

    Towers Studio

    This was a temporary emergency facility that required state approval on an annual basis. Facing Lloyd Harbor School, it was located to the right on the Towers land. Records indicate that in August of 1960, Towers Studio was rented for an additional class for the 1960-1961 school year at the cost of $125 per month. It is unclear as to how many years it was used by the school, but it was rented as early as 1956.

    The Lyman House

    This was a temporary, 9,700 square foot facility that required state approval on an annual basis. It was donated for $10 to Lloyd Harbor School on July 26, 1957 by Joseph and Laura R. Lyman according to the indenture. The house is located on West Neck Road in Lloyd Harbor on 4.211 acres. It was converted to six classrooms to accommodate 120 students. From the fall of 1958 through the spring of 1965, it was used by Lloyd Harbor School as a “primary center”. After the 1963-1965 addition to Lloyd Harbor School, this facility was no longer needed. In September 1968, the board advertised the sale of this property for a minimum bid of $70,000 which it was sold for on June 18, 1969.

    Third East Side School

    From 1959 through June 1962, the primary grade students from Lloyd Harbor School used these classrooms located on Route 25A (334 Main Street) in Cold Spring Harbor.

    Other Land Considerations:

    Nike missile bases were established during the Cold War as part of the nationwide defense program designed to protect major population and industrial centers against Soviet bombers.  The two bases, in operation from 1957-1963, were located close to the Lyman House and the Lloyd Harbor School. In February of 1966, the 20.7 acre property was advertised for sale by the government. The school district was interested in a 9 acre portion to be used for auxiliary fields, future expansion, or school bus parking. In May of 1967, the school board voted to decline the purchase of the property.


    On January 19, 1956 Lloyd Harbor School purchased 20.02 acres in Lloyd Neck bordering Fiddlers Green and Lloyd Harbor Road for possible use as a school facility for $33,000. In the Spring of 2000 the property was sold for $1,400,000 ($1,250,000 from New York State and $150,000 from Suffolk County).