School Profile

  • Cold Spring Harbor High School

    82 Turkey Lane

    Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724-1799

    Guidance Telephone: (631) 367-6840

    CEEB Code: 331-437

    FAX: (631) 367-6821


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    Superintendent: Ms. Jill M. Gierasch
    Assistant Superintendent for Business: Ms. Christine S. Costa
    Assistant Superintendent for Counseling, Student Services and Human Resources: Ms. Mona Hecht
    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction: Ms. Genevieve LaGattuta
    Assistant to the Superintendent for Administration  Mr. Jason Huntsman
    Executive Director of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services: Ms. Nicole Schimpf
    Assistant Director of Special Education and PPS: Ms. Kristen Razska
    Director of Interscholastic Athletics and Physical Education: Mr. Michael Bongino
    Principal: Mr. Daniel Danbusky
    Assistant Principals: Ms. Carissa Hajdasz
      Ms. Caitlyn Harman
    Counselors: Heather Friedland 
      Jennifer Herold
      Gerard Spennato
      Jennifer Pickering
      Angelica Ferrraro
      Jacqueline Kovach-Devlin