Our Program

  • The  Cold Spring Harbor High School Science Research Program was launched in the 2010-2011 academic year. Since inception, this program has experienced remarkable growth and experienced revisions as we continue to strengthen STEM-skills and prepare our students for careers in the sciences. Faculty and administration are confident that participation in this program will provide students with an impressive advantage in scientific, mathematic and literacy proficiency.  

    Currently our program is divided into Introduction to Research and Authentic Science Research courses.  Open to grades 9 to 12 both programs offer students the opportunity to perform hands-on research in the natural and social sciences, compete in local and national science competitions and harness effective communication skills.  

    The introductory courses are half a year, offered every other day, open to any student wishing to gain an appreciation for research at any point in their high school career. Enrollment in the introductory courses enables entrance into the Independent Research course.  

    Authentic Science Research consists of four, full-year every day, courses geared toward students that have demonstrated a sincere interest in learning about research, are self-guided, highly-motivated and express a desire to delve into advanced areas of research.

    Students enrolled in Independent Research meet with the instructor during mutually free times; before, during or after school.

    Our Summer Research Program provides research students with the opportunity to enhance their research, collaborate with peers, and gain hands-on experience in scientific methodologies.  

    At all phases of these courses, students are provided with support for establishing connections with local laboratories that are conducting world-renowned research and obtaining mentors in their field of interest. 

    Over the years, projects by students in the Cold Spring Harbor Research Program achieved notable successes including: Young Epidemiology Scholars competition, American Society for Human Genetics competition, Long Island Science and Engineering Fair and Long Island Science Congress. In 2017 Cold Spring Harbor had its first Siemens competition semi-finalist.

    Students in the research program are invited to attend our summer research program in which they can enhance their research experience, collaborate with their peers, and gain hands on experience. Students are supported and have been successful in their search for obtaining partnerships with local laboratories that are conducting world-renowned research.

    It is our tradition, at the culmination of each academic year to host an annual Cold Spring Harbor High School Science Research Symposium. This is an evening for students to present their work and celebrate their research accomplishments to an audience of their peers, families, faculty, and staff. Keynote speakers are invited to share hot topics in the world of science. In 2018, Dr. Lyndsay Barone, a program evaluator from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories DNA Learning Center, spoke about the legacies of ancient humans in modern populations. in 2019, Dr. David Miklos, Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center, spoke about the Eugenics Movement.   

    Our graduating seniors spoke about the effects of the dunce mutation in drosophila on short-term memory, algorithms that drive reinforced learning in mice, regulation of adenocarcinoma-in-situ carcinoma by htr2b and estrogen, and the effects of optogenetic stimulation of basolateral amygdala terminals in the dorsolateral striatum. All research students had the opportunity to share their work during the poster session portion of the evening.  We are looking forward to the continued expansion and success of this program over the next several years.

Science Research Pathways

  • We offer several levels and pathways for students to pursue research in grades 9-12:

     I         For students who are interested in learning basic research skills in an introductory program that would apply to either the natural or social sciences, we offer:

    • Research Honors I – fall only
    • Research Honors II – spring only
    • Social Science Research

    II        For students who have completed either Research Honors I or II and wish to continue their studies at an even higher level, or for those who simply want an opportunity to learn laboratory skills and conduct supervised experiments, we offer:

    • Independent Research Honors
    • Summer Research Honors Program

    III       For students who have a true passion and aptitude for science research on a rigorous and challenging level, we offer:

    • Advanced Science Research Honors. (Open to students currently enrolled in Accelerated Math only)