What Can Students Research?

  • Students have the opportunity to select an area of research that interests and inspires them. Students can select a topic from any of the areas listed below.

    • Biological Science

    • Chemistry

    • Computer Science

    • Earth Science

    • Engineering

    • Environmental Science

    • Mathematics

    • Physics

    • Social Science

Inside a Mouse's Head

Examples of Student Research Titles

    • The effect of pH on the rate of fermentation

    • A higher efficiency electrical generator

    • The effect of wavelength of light on bean plants

    • Transfecting a tobacco plant with a bioluminescent plasmid
    • The effect of mussels on removing pollutants from seawater

    • The effect of optogenetic stimulation of basolateral amygdala and its implications for OCD in mice

    • Inside a mouse’s head:  What algorithm drives reinforcement learning?

    • Regulation of adenocarcinoma-in-situ carcinoma by HTR2B and estrogen