Welcome to Cold Spring Harbor Physical Education - Cold Spring Harbor Jr/Sr High School

  •  Class Schedule 2016-2017

    Period 1:  Days 1,3,5- Grade 7 Physical Education

                    Days 2,4,6- Grade 8 Physical Education

    Period 2:  Days 1,3,5- Grade 11/12 Physical Education

    Days 2,4,6- Grade 9/10 Physical Education             

    Period 4:  Days 1,3,5- Grade 11/12 Physical Education              

    Period 5:  Days 1,3,5- Grade 7 Physical Education   

                    Days 2,4,6- Grade 8 Physical Education   

    Period 7: Days 2,4,6- Grade 9/10 Physical Education

    Period 9:  Days 1,3,5- Grade 7 Physical Education     

                    Days 2,4,6- Grade 8 Physical Education    

    Make up classes for the badminton portion of the quarter will be held on 3/28 and 3/30 in the Field House from 7:00-7:30. Be prepared for activity.

     All missed CPR classes must be made up. Make up classes for CPR will be held by appointment. Please see me prior to the end of the quarter to set up an appointment.

    *Extra Help is offered upon appointment.* 

     My contact information is:

    email: ttini@csh.k12.ny.us

    Phone: 631-367-6900



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