Writing 7


    Writing Workshop  

                Your writing will be the first introduction of yourselves in many situations in the upcoming years.  It will take on even greater significance within these next few years as you begin to apply to summer programs, internships, and colleges.  Allowing you to practice this kind of “real-world” writing, for many different types of purposes and audiences, might be one of the most important writing gifts we can give you. Writing well takes practice. It is not easy. At times, it will be messy, but together we will grow and become better writers.


    Units of Study


    *Research-based Argument Essays

    *Literary Essay

    *Test Preparation: Writing for the New York State ELA Exam

    *Achieve 3000



    Grading will be based on a points. Notebooks will be of greater point value than quizzes and final pieces. A quarterly participation grade will be added.



    Digital "notebook" is being used.          1 folder with looseleaf paper

    Post-it notes                                                               Highlighter