English 7

  • Classroom Guidelines and Expectations- English 7

    Mrs. Kearnes

    Welcome to 7th grade English.  In this class you will be participating in a number of CCSS aligned learning experiences to enhance your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills and better prepare you for the NYS ELA exam.  Please remember, while reading and discussing literature, that everyone’s thoughts and opinions are valuable.  To truly understand the themes and concepts addressed in class, we must create a comfortable, respectful place where everyone can share his or her ideas, take risks, and ask questions.  Please keep these guidelines in your binder at all times.


    Our studies this year will include:

    • Literature- various novels, stories, and poems which may include: The Contender; Fever 1793, The Giver Series,  and Romeo and Juliet
    • Vocabulary- Vocabulary will be studied in the context of the literature we read and by using the Vocabulary Workshop book series.
    • Grammar- Our studies include: the 8 parts of speech, prepositional phrases, clauses, sentence structure, and sentence patterns.
    • Writing- Instruction in this class will complement our writing in workshop.

    Materials: Please BE PREPARED with the appropriate materials every day. 

                Required materials include:

    • pens/ pencils & highlighters

    • a BINDER with 2 sections

    • Earbuds

    • all required reading materials. 

    • AT HOME: stapler with staples

    Communication: My email address is nkearnes@csh.k12.ny.us. Please see me with any questions or concerns you may have.  Find me in the English Office (HC-29B) before school or talk to me after class to schedule an appointment for extra help. 

    Grading Policy:

    Your grade in this class is based on a point system.

    Homework Policy:

    • Each “class-check” homework assignment is worth 5 points

    • Collected homework assignments may be worth more points depending on the nature of the assignment.

    • NO LATE HOMEWORK will be accepted!  However, it is recommended that all missed homework is made up.  Homework is a great review of the day’s lesson.

    • After 2 consecutive missing homework assignments, I will call home.


      Test and Quiz Policy:

    • Quizzes can take place on any day and will last 20 or fewer minutes.

    • Tests will be given on our test day, or when appropriate as determined by the TEAM teachers

      Absence Policy:

    Student Responsibilities

    Absence Rules

    1)     Find a homework buddy!!  You should call a friend when you are out to find out what homework was assigned.

    2)    Worksheets handed out on absence days will be located in an assigned spot in the classroom.  It is your responsibility to pick them up when you return.

    3)    If you know you will be out, talk to your teacher before you will be out to collect work you will miss.


    -          1 day outà 1 day to make up work (including tests and quizzes)


    -          2 days out à 2 days to make up work

    (including tests and quizzes)


    -          3 days or more à meet with teachers



    As your student responsibilities increase, you need to learn how to keep track of your work and assignments.  You will receive a homework agenda which YOU MUST USE!!  Your homework will be written in every class.  If you have no homework, you write “none.”  No space should ever be left blank. 

    *Parents/Guardians: The agenda is the absolute best way to keep up with your child’s daily and long term assignments. There should never be a reason why the agenda is left blank.  The agenda can also be used as a communication tool between school and home.  Please stress the importance of the use of the agenda at home.


    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Class begins when the bell rings.  You must:

      1. Be in your seat

      2. Have your agenda out, and be copying the HW

      3. Have the previous night’s HW out and ready to be checked.

      4. BE PREPARED!! You must have a notebook/binder and writing utensil out and ready to use!

      5. If you have a pass to go to an appointment, you MUST go to the classroom first and show your teacher the pass!


    2. Be respectful and kind.  You must:

      1. Raise your hand when you want to contribute.

      2. Actively listen to all teachers and students.

      3. Contribute positively to the classroom environment.


        Consequences When Expectations Are Not Met:


                    If you do not live up to the team expectation, the following will occur:

    1. Verbal Warning

    2. Lunch Detention and a call home

    3. Administrative Action

















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