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    Assessment info and HW for this unit

    -    Test on this topic will be Tuesday 11/1

    -    Castle Learning Assignment posted on 10/18 is due       10/31

    -    under related files below are two review packets for the test...please complete to prepare


    Using your textbook the following assignment will be due Monday 10/24 - all work is to be submitted through canvas. 

    1) Read and take notes on Chapter 1 sections 1,2 & 3

    2) Answer questions related to reading:

          Sec 1  (pages 6-9) answer questions 2a & 2b

         Sec 2 (pages 10-14) answer questions 3b & 3c

         Sec 3 (pages 16-21) answer questions 2a & 2c

    Info on Northern Lights

    click HERE for video on the Aurora Borealis

    Climate Project 

    Webquest and Poster Board

    DUE Friday Nov 13th



    1) Locate the climate zone chart on your packet.  Click on the following link - climate zones of the world-  to fill out your chart with information from each of the climate zones.  The characteristics column should be used to describe that zone.  The examples column should be used to name specific places that are located in the climate zone.

    2) You have been selected to take part in a climate study being conducted by Ms. Oshan!!!! You get to travel all over the world and collect data on climate.  However, in order to prepare for this trip I need you think about what kind of clothes and gear you want to pack.  You will visit the following site - specific climate zones -   and you fill in the information on your sheet. 


    Example of how to use the Specific Climate Zone link. To start in Islip, NY,click on North America. Then click on The United States.  From there click on NY.  Then click on the link for Islip.  When you are done gathering data for Islip back click till you get to the map of the world, then find your next location.





    3) After completing webquest, you much choose the one climate zone that you visited on your journey that you found interesting and create a poster relating to that  climate zone. The goal of the poster to explore other areas of the world that experience the same climate.


    Be sure to follow the criteria on the project description sheet

    Useful links

    colored coded climate zone world map

    more climate zone information


    All files related to this project are linked below, if you need another copy please print out.


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