Environmental and Recycling Club

  • The Environmental Club is all about educating the community on how to take small steps to help conserve natural resources and help keep our environment healthy.

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    Small Steps you can take.....

    - Make BLACKLE your default home page instead of google...this saves energy due to the black screen.  Read below info from the site....

    We encourage you to set Blackle as your home page. This way every time you load your Internet browser you will save a little bit of energy. Remember every bit counts! You will also be reminded about the need to save energy each time you see the Blackle page load.

    Help us spread the word about Blackle by telling your friends and family to set it as their home page. If you have a blog then give us a mention. Or put the following text in your email signature: "Blackle.com - Saving energy one search at a time".