Virtual Enterprise

  •  Welcome Students and Parents to my Virtual Enterprise website.

    Virtual Enterprises International (VEI) is an in-school entrepreneurship program and global business simulation that draws on the European tradition of apprenticeships.  Each year VEI transforms 500 classrooms (nationally) and 5000 classrooms (internationally) into offices and 100,000 students into business executives.

    VEI students learn by doing. The simulated business replicates all of the functions and demands of a real business in both structure and practice, from product development, production and distribution to marketing, sales, human resources, finance and accounting. As "employees" of the virtual business, students are accountable for their company's management and performance. Through a web-based banking system that connects 5,000 student run businesses in 40 countries, VEI students experience the expectations of the global economy and find new solutions to drive business results by trading across industries, borders and cultures.1

    Pease check out website below to learn more about the VEI program.


    1  Excerpt from VEI curriculum "About Virtual Enterprises International".


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