Lloyd Harbor School Parent-Teacher Group

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    The Lloyd Harbor School Parent Teacher Group (LHS*PTG) is an organization of parents, faculty, administrators and staff working together to develop meaningful programs and activities to promote a successful education. Research has proven that when families, schools and communities work together there are untold benefits: student achievement improves, teacher morale rises, communication among parents, teachers and administrators increases and community connections multiply. Here is how you and your family can help:

    1.      Get Engaged:  Join the PTG and attend monthly and committee meetings, and exciting school events. PTG membership is only  $20 and your support is an important part of the funding for many of the programs and events that the PTG brings to the students of LHS.

    2.      Participate and Volunteer: It takes many helping hands to make our PTG programs and events run smoothly and successfully. So even if you have only a little time, we need you! We’re sure you’ll find a committee that sounds interesting to you, and sure you will find it rewarding as well.

    3.      Stay Informed:  With many communications going paperless, frequent visits to websites and email interactions are becoming predominant communication tools. View both the csh.k12.ny.us and lhsptg.org websites. We strongly encourage you to join ListServ through email signup on the csh.k12.ny.us website under the Parents subsection.

    4.      Communicate: We welcome your comments, questions, feedback and suggestions via telephone, email, and of course face to face. Below is the PTG board contact info and a comprehensive list of committee chair contact information is listed on the lhsptg.org website.

    As many of you know, our school district has been repeatedly ranked in the top 100 academically in the nation. In order to stay on top, we encourage and value your continued involvement and support.  Please feel free to contact any one of us from the LHSPTG Board if you need more information on how you can contribute.


     Please visit the Lloyd Harbor School Parent-Teacher Group's website below.