Wind Ensemble

  • Wind Ensemble Faculty:

    Mr. Chiarello - Sr. High Wind Ensemble Director (click here for Mr. Chiarello's website)

    Mr. Gray - Jr. High Wind Ensemble Director, Jr. High Lessons (click here for Mr. Gray's website)

    Program Information:

    The Jr. High Wind Ensemble consists of 7th and 8th grade students.  The wind ensemble meets every other day (alternates with Physical Education).  Students who choose to be in both wind ensemble and choir will attend their instrumental ensemble 2/3 days and the choir 1/3 days (ie. wind ensemble day 1, 3; choir day 5).

    Students in Jr. High Wind Ensemble will also be required to attend small group lessons which are scheduled over a 6 day cycle.  These lessons will rotate throughout the day.  In order to receive full credit for lesson attendance, a student must attend 6/7 lessons per quarter.  Make-up lesson times are always available if a student is absent from school, or has a test or other activity that cannot be missed.  It is the students' responsibility to keep up with any work they may miss for a lesson.  Classroom teachers are also readily available for extra-help as are the music teachers.  The wind ensemble performs at a winter and spring concert (dates available on music home page) which count as the students' midterm and final.  All concerts are mandatory.

    The Sr. High Wind Ensemble consists of 9th-12th grade students and meets every day.  Students who choose to be in both wind ensemble and choir meet every other day alternating with choir.  The wind ensemble performs at a winter and spring concert (dates available on music home page) as well as at Graduation, 4 home football games and NYSSMA Majors.  All performances are mandatory as they count towards the final grade.

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